Spring/Summer Lookbook in Carlsbad

Hi there! Warm sunny weather has been one of my favorite things about LA. The day I went to Carlsband was just perfect! My Summer lookbook in Carsband features: my signature baker boy hat look, jumpsuit with a damaged jean jacket.

Baker Boy Hat

Seriously, baker boy hat has been my go-to look for awhile now. There’s something about this hat that will make the whole outfit look super fashionable and trendy. Even if the outfit is simple, it adds a little spice to the overall look.

My go to brand for a baker boy hat is Brixton! They have great variety for not only baker boy hats, but also other trendy hats like cap, straw hats and so on. Moreover, many of the hats come in different sizes from XS to Large and for someone like me who has a tiny head, I appreciate a store that carries XS hats!

Quick tips about Brixton’s hat though, is finding the right size for you. Although Brixton carries hats with sizes from XS to Large, some XS hats can be way too small or way too large. Therefore, I recommend trying out 2 different sizes and find the one that fits your head perfectly.

Jean Jacket

Jean jacket is also my go to look for all seasons around! I believe that the jean jacket is one of the must have basics for your wardrobe.

The jean jacket I’m wearing is my favorite since it is washed out and damaged, making it look less retro and trendy. Especially, with this look, I wanted to represent it as a street style, so this jacket was more suitable with the theme I was going for.

I also have another pair of a jean jacket, this jacket makes any outfit look casual and less retro. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a jacket that gives a retro vibe, but not with this specific look.

I got this jean jacket from one of my favorite retails store called Tobi and got it in size small. I like how loose the fit is on me even when the size is small. I really recommend getting some jean jacket that is loose and another pair of jean jacket that fits to coordinate with different looks!

Let me know what you guys think.

Love, Tokyo to LA Girl.